WordPress tells me: “Visitors will want to know who is on the other side of the page. Use this space to write about yourself, your site, your business, or anything you want.”

So who am I? Wouldn’t you like to know, you cheeky bastard. I am me, an endless ray of dampened sunshine mixed with some unicorn sparkles and a wicked sense of humor. I am a girl, nay, a woman in my thirties (Okay, okay 35….) who feels like I am 15 and the world is still this exceedingly large place that I don’t understand and probably never will. I am a self-proclaimed introvert (actually, a lot of people proclaim that about me, they just like to use words like shut in or hermit). I have two stunningly retarded dogs who are, at the moment, licking each other’s ears in a display of awkward affection that is about to result in a loud argument by one or both parties. I am me, intelligent, funny, totally dorky, a bitch when I need to be but with the most delicate of interiors lining a huge heart. The truth is, it doesn’t matter who I am, because in a way I am pieces of everyone who has ever searched for themselves.

What People Say, or What People Would Say If I Asked Them About Me

Kind hearted, full of love, though this is rarely shown to outsiders.


The funniest, sassiest person to ever walk this earth. Everyone is better having laughed with her.

Also, Me

She loves her dogs WAY too much.

Just about anyone who has ever met my spoiled hounds

Let’s build something together.