Day 58: Energy Management and the Use of Containers or… Mental Tupperware

Sometimes I get to a point in my life where I am feeling pretty frustrated, especially in the personal growth space. I want to be better and healed like, yesterday. This is dangerous thinking because I get caught up in the mentality of “once I am healed I will do….” the thing is… healing is a journey. A lifelong one. It is foolish to think there is some magical destination that, once reached, will be a nirvana and the end of pain and suffering. I asked a friend the other day, “when does this get easier?” Her response was spot on. She said, “it doesn’t, we just get stronger so it feels easier.”

Healing is a journey.

Every once in a while you have to take a step back and turn around and look at where you have come from and see all the progress you have made. You may have taken a thousand little steps with many of them going backwards, but there is progress.

Occasionally I have a hard time finding the space to look around because there is so much confusion in my head and my heart. When that happens I do a little house cleaning. I start to put things in containers and compartments. Some things are easier than others to identify where they belong. The liar at work, well that is his container and he stays firmly there. Some people/situations are a little harder. Take my mother for instance. She is my mom and a whole bunch of other things, but right now, I can’t deal with that situation so she is a person that isn’t respecting boundaries. She goes into that container because it is the most clear thing that I feel about our relationships. She is trying in her own way, but not respecting me. That container gets sealed and put on a shelf until I have the space to deal with it. Doing this helps clear some of the noise in life.

In giving yourself permission to put down some of the weights you allow the energy that is being given to those situations to flow back internally. This leads to more strength, empowerment and ultimately, clarity. Once you have moved through and shifted some of the frustration and overwhelm you can bring those boxes back down and see what is inside, and work with the resources that you now possess. Does this mean that I ignore my mother in the interim? No. That wouldn’t be fair to her as I can see her trying, but it does mean that my heart stays engaged in other things (namely myself) and the energy flowing to that system is diminished. This can be really hard for the other person, especially if they are used to having a lot of you. Having compassion for their position but remaining firm in your own boundaries allows for forward movement that can reveal the next step until you are on the path that feels, energetically, clean and progressive. ❤ ❤

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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