Day 30: The Art Of Resilience

Man oh, man.

Sometimes I look around at the stuff going on in my life and I wonder how I am still standing. A lot of people wouldn’t be, but here I am… doing my thing…

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is how to be adaptable. Adaptability leads to resilience. The quicker one lets go of expectations and resistance, the easier it is to fall into adaptability. The strength gained from that resilience is unmatched and when appropriately utilized can be a tool for overcoming so many obstacles.

If you read my post yesterday you will remember I was without power for much of the day. If you didn’t read it, good on you for not being in front of a computer screen. Anyways… power came back on early this morning. I was able to enjoy about an hour of it before leaving for the gym. My gym is normally an hour drive, today, with snow and down trees and a million other little annoyances it took me an hour and a half. We were the only gym open for miles and I was the only one to show up. One thing people don’t realize about me is if I know someone is expecting me, I will find a way to show up, and I knew this trainer came in anticipating that I would be there. Since no one else came for class I got this badass one on one personal training session, being resilient really worked in my favor there.

Work was a motherfucker. I am dealing with a really critically ill patient that likely won’t survive the night and it breaks my heart cause I have worked hard to keep him going. It is also such an uncomfortable/toxic environment right now with the *ahem* gentleman that I am having issues with that I no longer feel I can work at my desk so I am kind of displaced and falling behind on some tasks. I kept my head up today though cause I haven’t done anything wrong and focused on my patient and actually managed to have a good time with my assistants, despite all of the other pitfalls.

Then I got home, my glorious sanctuary from the world… and my fucking power was out AGAIN! Clearly had been for a while, as my house was frigid with a capital F.

Now, I have to look at this as the epitome of resilience and adaptability, because otherwise I will just come off as crazy.

Desperate times… I definitely heated up a veggie burger over an open candle. It is scented like Autumn so added an air of cool breeze to my burger. I also bundled the dogs up and we are currently sitting in a heap in my car, charging my phones and using the internet from my hotspot.

All in the name of keeping up with this blog!

I could be upset with my circumstances, it is certainly inconvenient. I could be mad and sad about my patient, and I was earlier today. I could bemoan my existence and damn the state in which I live. Or, I can choose to adapt. I can snuggle with my dogs, waiting for the heat to come back on. I can chat with my friends while my phones charge and I can take the loss of electricity and resulting darkness to really focus and become present with some things that are important to me. It’s amazing how much you learn to love your company when there is no other option. I have chosen to make this fun, to make it memorable, and not because it sucks so bad, but because it is making me laugh. It is allowing me to have a focus that I normally don’t when I have a thousand different screens running at once. It is giving me the chance to solve puzzles, which I really like to do. It’s opening up doors to solutions that I never would have seen if my awareness wasn’t directed that way, and will provide resources that I may be able to use in the future. It also provides a stern contrast to how cushy my life usually is and makes me realize just how good I have it. So in this moment I am very appreciative of the life I have built and that I have the chance to reflect on that. I am also loving the sheer number of friends that have called or texted to check in on me, so I know that I am loved and supported.

The easiest way to be resilient?

Find all of the strengths and up sides to your situation. Latch onto them so firmly that they are the only things in your awareness. Make it fun. See how you can take a not so pleasant thing and turn it into something that supports you and propels you forward.

For me this blog is creating a body of work that will give me inspiration and credibility for my coaching career. The darkness and cold are honing my senses and causing a ridiculous amount of clarity and focus on a few aspects of my life. All of these things are supporting me in moving towards the life I want to have and it is great training ground for working on my language and attitude.

So am I happy I am without power? No. Am I appreciative though of all of the things it is providing for me? Yes. In this moment I am able to see my strength, my resilience and ultimately, my progress. And that is priceless. ❤ ❤

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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