Day 24: The Mystical, Magical Universe!

I’m just sitting here waiting. I put my order into the universe, I visualized, I sat in meditation. I rubbed my crystals and did some chanting. Now all I have to do is wait…..


This kind of thinking is fucking insane to me. It’s like wanting a glass of milk and sitting there staring at the cow, singing to her, chanting to her and holding an empty glass out waiting for it to be filled. The milk is within reach but you gotta milk the fucker!!!

The almighty universe is no different.

Don’t get me wrong, I think all of the above things are tools to success (okay, not gonna lie, I don’t buy into crystals #sorrynotsorry). But, visualization, meditation, sound therapy, float tanks…. all of those things are tools and can be really powerful to help us reconnect with the energy within us. They can help us get out of our heads and get back to base frequency. BUT, you still HAVE. TO. DO. THE. WORK.

Why did this come up today? I am SO TIRED of hearing really smart, successful, intelligent people thanking the universe for delivering what they wanted to them, or sitting there talking about how the universe is such a fickle beast with a wicked sense of humor. You know what the universe is? All the things. It’s energy… everything is energy. The universe isn’t some thinking, breathing, sentient creature that’s sitting there going “Hahaha let’s fuck with Mary Sue today and see how resilient she is,” or “let’s give Ted that promotion and see how that changes his life!” Ted probably got that promotion because he worked his ass off for it.

I was listening to the therapist today on a podcast and he kept thanking the universe for delivering his current life to him. It made me want to pull my hair out. Why? Because in viewing the universe that way we are 1. not giving ourselves any credit for our own hard work and courage and 2. when shit hits the fan it is a really convenient way to shirk responsibility for our actions.

I think some people are so afraid to piss off this universe that they don’t take risks. They live their life in the middle lane just trying to get through safely. What is the fucking point of that?! None of us are leaving alive. We are all going to go back to the energy soup with which we came. So why not experience what’s here? Why not go for that big goal that you have? If you aren’t going to do it, someone else is. And we are all human so at our base level we all start with the same raw materials. Yes, some people come into this world with advantages, some come into this world with a fuck ton of challenges. But I’ll be damned if when I create these amazing things and better my life that I am going to thank the damn universe. Hell, no. I thank me. Because I did that things, I took the steps. I raised my vibration, I changed my awareness that brought my attention to new people and new opportunities in my life. I gathered the resources and engaged with them to create the life I wanted. It’s all here, everything that we need, all of the raw materials are here ready to be used. For that I am appreciative, yes, but I decide what to do with it. I put my power and my talents into my resources and I create the life I want. I do that. And you do that.

And yes, it fucking sucks sometimes, when I am sitting here in stinking shit, sad and pissed off and I realize I did this to myself. It would be so cool to be able to blame some unseen entity, but no, the steps that I have taken have created my current reality. And the steps I take will get me the hell out of it. There is really nothing more empowering than that. I am the fucking power. And yeah, shit can happen to us. I am not saying that we create rape or murder or anything like that, but I am saying that we can figure out what to do with what we have been given, even the bad stuff, to create the life we want. We just have to be willing to do the work.

Thank you universe, more please 🙏


Thank you, me. You’re a badass creator. Keep fucking going. ❤ ❤

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

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